Regular Oil Changes for your Volkswagen

April 8th, 2022 by

You know that oil changes are important for your Volkswagen performance; however, most people don’t put a lot of thought into the role oil plays in a vehicle and the many benefits of getting regular oil changes. In fact, many people get busy and put off oil changes, going a little – or a lot – over the manufacturer’s recommendation. Let’s take a deeper look at why regular oil changes are important and the benefits you’ll get from this important maintenance for your Volkswagen.

Increased Life for Your Car

Oil is a critical component of the functioning of an engine. It serves as a lubricant, acting to reduce friction, provide protection for moving parts, and aid in the cooling process. Having enough oil and quality oil is important for an engine to function as designed.

Volkswagen engines are well known for their longevity and functioning, rating as some of the best in the industry. However, even our engines can encounter increased wear and tear if you don’t regularly change you oil.

By changing the oil in your Volkswagen in line with manufacturer recommendations, you will ensure that your engine stay protected and functioning well. This will increase its longevity and the longevity of your vehicle. While most parts on a vehicle are relatively easy to replace if they fail, an engine is one that is incredibly costly.

Improved Gas Mileage

Seemingly everywhere you turn recently, you encounter articles about the price of gas as consumers are paying more at the pump than usual. It is no surprise that people are caring more about gas mileage.

While there are many different ways to improve the mileage that your car gets, one way is to get regular oil changes. Clean oil provides better lubrication than older, dirty oil, leading to a decline in friction experienced by the engine. This helps your engine to have more efficient output.

Ultimately, getting regular oil changes will not only improve the overall performance of your engine but also increase its gas mileage as it will operate more efficiently. This is particularly important for people who drive in lots of stop and go traffic.

Better for the Environment

The engine in your Volkswagen operates at high temperatures, typically sitting at around 200 degrees. This harsh environment takes a toll on engine oil over time. In fact, the longer oil sits in your engine, the more it degrades in quality.

Engine oil increasingly releases gases as it degrades. This gas is then released from your vehicle in the form of emissions. The gas released contains things like hydrocarbons that can cause problems for the environment.

By getting regular Volkswagen oil changes, you will be able to keep the emissions from your car to a minimum, helping reduce your overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment. For many people, this is an important benefit.

High Performance

Volkswagen vehicles are known as cars that are fun to drive with high performing engines. An incredibly important step in keeping your engine in this condition is keeping the oil changed regularly.

We’ve mentioned that oil degrades over time. As part of this process, the oil begins to carry things like dirt and debris throughout the engine. This causes two things. First, this dirt and debris can increase friction and the potential for engine wear. Secondly, it eventually begins to create sludge.

This serves to cause problems for your engine, making it function inefficiently. This can make your vehicle less responsive. However, regularly changing your oil and filters will keep your engine functioning well.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons people love their Volkswagen is due to the high quality that goes into them. Your vehicle is an important investment so be sure to continue to protect it with regular oil changes. City Volkswagen of Highland is happy to provide you with high quality services including oil changes to ensure that you are able to get the most out of your car. Contact us today to schedule service.