Volkswagen Transmission Services

To get transmission inspection or service, we welcome you to visit us at City Volkswagen of Highland.

Volkswagen Transmission Services in Highland, IN

The transmission of your Volkswagen is vital to the efficient and smooth operation of the vehicle. To get transmission inspection or service, we welcome you to visit us at City Volkswagen of Highland. We offer VW OEM parts, factory-trained and certified technicians, and outstanding customer service. Our Highland, IN, the location allows us to serve residents of Chicago, Merriville, Hammond, Gary, and other surrounding cities. Our team specializes in service, accessories, and parts for Passat, Atlas, Jetta, Atlas, Cross Sport, Tiguan, and other models from Volkswagen. We can also perform reliable auto service for different auto makes and models.

Here Are the Most Common Transmission Services We Provide:

  • Transmission Inspection – With our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools at City Volkswagen of Highland, we can perform reliable inspection service for all vehicle systems, including the transmission. Our technicians will determine if your vehicle requires a lift inspection, road-test, pan examination, and other types of transmission inspection service. The transmission diagnostic will allow our team to determine if the transmission requires fluid replacement, rebuild, repair, replacement, or other types of services. Signs of defective transmission include delay in gear engagement, dashboard warning light, burning smell from the engine, or grinding or whining noise from the transmission.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – The transmission system requires trained technicians experienced in the service of transmission components. One of the vital transmission components is the transmission fluid, which helps protect the transmission parts from excessive friction and heat. The condition of the transmission fluid can worsen over time, requiring it to be flushed and replaced. At City Volkswagen of Highland, we carry high-quality transmission fluid fully compatible for use with VW vehicles. We can also inspect the seals and gaskets to make sure the transmission fluid will not leak.
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  • Transmission Replacement – When it comes to fixing a defective transmission system, there are different options available depending on the type of defect. Our expert technicians are experienced in a transmission replacement, rebuild, or repair services. They can guide you to the right service for the transmission system of your vehicle. Our goal will be to provide reliable service while keeping the costs to a minimum for our customers. A repair service might sound cheaper than a replacement, but a complete transmission replacement might be more cost-effective in some cases.

Volkswagen Transmission Service

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